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If you are considering speech therapy for your child, you probably have concerns about her or his speech and language development. The first thing to understand is that children progress differently, so don’t get overly worried if other kids' skills seem to be more advanced.


Check speech and language developmental milestones outlined on the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association's website (

If you still have concerns, I recommend that you discuss developmental milestones with your pediatrician during routine visits or call me at (310) 991 7169 and let's discuss them.

Common speech and language areas of concern...


(click any of the above concerns for more information)​

Does your child demonstrate difficulty or frustration…

  • Communicating as effectively as her or his peers?

  • Using words to talk about and ask for things?

  • Following directions, understanding and responding to questions?

  • Pronouncing sounds and being understood by others?

  • Fluently expressing her or his self?

  • Playing and easily interacting with other children?

  • Initiating and maintaining a conversational topic?

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